History Content for the Future


After being up all last night counting every single vote cast on time across all platforms, we can now officially announce the result of the Bio Specials Poll!

And the winners are… *drumroll intensifies*

Your #1 choice – The British commando with longbow, broadsword, and a 40+ votes margin: “MAD JACK” CHURCHILL
Your #2 choice – The gifted composer with a troubled relationship to the Soviet government: DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH
Your #3 choice – The historian who became the last War Chief of Crow Nation during WW2: JOE MEDICINE CROW

Now we’re all very excited to start working on these Bio Specials, and we hope that you are too!
However, it will be a while until we’ll be able to air them, and we can’t give any exact dates this early. As always, we want to give you nuance, depth, and detail, and to do that we need to take our time with research, writing, and fact checking. But we promise you that we will do our best to get them ready for you as soon as possible!

A big Thank You to everyone who voted, this was so much fun!
And you haven’t seen the last of the TimeGhost Polls…