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Yes, you read that right! Since you all are what makes our work possible, we want to let you chime in on what we should do next. We’ve put together a list of 10 fascinating people who were all involved in WW2 in one way or another, and we want YOU to decide which of them you want us to make Bio Specials on!

The rules are very simple:

  • Vote in the comments. Vote for as many of the contenders as you want, but you can’t vote for the same person twice. (Unless you find our posts in other forums…)
  • The poll is open for 24h – it ends 11pm CET/5pm EST May 17.
  • The 3 contenders with the most votes when the poll closes will get a WW2 Bio Special!


DIMITRI SHOSTAKOVITCH – Soviet composer under Stalin who had a rollercoaster career

IAN FLEMING – British naval intelligence officer who was the father of James Bond and the spy novel

IRENA SENDLER – Polish nurse in the Underground Resistance who smuggled Jewish children out of the ghetto

LEE MILLER – American photographer and war correspondent during the London Blitz, the liberation of Paris, and the opening of Dachau and Buchenwald

JOE MEDICINE CROW – Native American historian and writer who became a Crow people War Chief during WW2

WALT DISNEY – American pioneer of the animation industry who made animated propaganda films during the war

JACK CHURCHILL – British officer “Mad Jack” who fought with longbow and broadsword to the sound of bagpipes

LAURA KNIGHT – Influential British official War Artist who made famous propaganda paintings

EVELYN WAUGH – British author who served as a marine and commando and wrote about his experiences

RAOUL WALLENBERG – Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews and then mysteriously disappeared

The winners will be announced on our social media when all the votes have been tallied – HAPPY VOTING!!